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Important FAQ

The Startup Pitch Night Process - How it works...

Q: Where is the most up-to-date event info?
A: Here! Please do not rely soley on external event listing websites for 100% accurate information. Always come here to double-check the event details! There are websites that post all/most of your event content verbatim on their own websites. Sometimes we don't know where our event content's been posted and without a username/login we can't modify it. We ALWAYS keep the event postings that we've created ourselves up-to-date!

Q: Does everyone that attends pitch?
A: No! Some are curious, some want to watch, some come to pitch, and some even decide during the event to pitch! For most of our startup pitch events you can watch or you can both watch and pitch. Some of our investor pitch events are by invitation only and unadvertised with access to key players in the industry. Some of our pitch events are instructional in nature, unadvertised, and smaller in size. Please review the specific event details.

Q: How do we apply or register to pitch?
A: Please follow any instructions that are provided for a given Pitch Night. Each Pitch Night is different depending on which team member(s) is moderating and many other factors.

Q: What's the format of the event like?
Since June 25, 2014 at our New York Startup Pitch Night event, we have spearheaded the new pitch event format featuring an expert pitch coach to provide quick feedback after each of the pitches. Previous startup pitch events have included audience feedback and audience feedback scoring.

Q: Will I like the format of the event?
A: More than likely, yes. But, our members have provided positive feedback about other format variations we've used as well. Please keep in mind that we sometimes tailor each event "on the fly" to the audience, the theme, the venue, etc.

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Feel free to dress as you wish! Typically, there's everything from very casual to highly professional and everything in-between. In about a week, your video clip will be available on the other website. You'll want to take this opportunity to review your pitch, etc. Then, pivot, practice, and pitch again next month!

Q: I'm a Service Provider - can I pitch?
A: Generally yes, after all the startups pitch, but it's as time permits and at our discretion. Service providers historically pitch very well or score highly (if applicable) - it's more challenging to pitch a new idea, a new startup venture - so service providers are welcome to pitch but are not eligible for prizes (if appplicable). Be sure to bring an ample quantity of business cards, postcards, or other promotionals to have available and/or provide directly to your peers.

Q: Will there be food and/or beverages at the event?
A: Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. If yes, we typically mention this in the event description.

Q: Are the events free for everyone?
A: Always free for the organizers, volunteers, speakers, and sponsors. Sometimes free for all members. Typically there's a nominal fee to help us in planning, etc. Each event is different and each city differs.

Q: Why do I need to bring my gov-issued ID and what is that!?
A: It just means bring your driver's license along with you to the event - as almost all of our venue sponsors have strict building security protocols - and of course it's necessary for our event registration process. There may be some variance between events, but we relay and follow the same process with full names needed and ID, so everyone is assured of admittance into our event(s).

Q: How do I pre-pay for my ticket(s)? Can I pay the door!?
A: We do things differently for different events, cities, and venues. But, typically, you can pay online if you wish up until 4pm on the day of the event. After that specified time, we'll only accept cash payment for your ticket(s) at the door.

H E L P !   -   I have an important question to me and the event is tonight!
* If it's more than 2 hours before the event, please send us a note by using our contact form or emailing us directly.
* If the event starts in less than 2 hours, please call SPN for assistance.
* It's generally best to ask questions early in the morning the day of the event.