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Greg Kunkel, Co-Founder & SVP, Next Jump

Boston Startup Pitch Night

Guest speaker: August 29, 2013

Co-Founder, Senior Vice President & Head of Busines Development, Next Jump, Inc.,

Greg joined Next Jump as an early partner in 1998 and has led the growth of Next Jumpís corporate and institutional client network. One of Gregís passions is building Next Jumpís culture and human capital initiatives. Greg's track record in leading a world-class company and his pulse on creating the right work environment, make for an undoubtedly interesting, informative, and engaging presentation. Join us tonight!

Greg Kunkel   GREG KUNKEL (LinkedIn profile)
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Next Jump was founded in 1994 making print coupon books for college campuses and eventually for corporate employees in partnership with HR departments of Fortune 1000 companies. Next Jump discovered a universal formula in how company cultures should be built: Better Me + Better You = Better Us. What Next Jump has built is an e-commerce marketplace that partners with over 30,000 merchants, rather than competing with retailers. In addition, Next Jump has built a unique direct marketing channel to corporate employees by partnering with over 90,000 companies.

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