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Startup Pitch Night

Startup Pitch Night and related entrepreneural iniatives are serving a highly targeted audience of founders and co-founders, designers and developers, management consultants, legal and finance professionals, etc. Our communities are growing with interest in what we're doing and with new members joining every single day. We have traveled across the globe (and are ramping up the team this year) organizing and running events, and educating and mentoring startups on how to pitch to investors, etc. The response has been overwhelming positive as a resource. Traction is evidence of the effectiveness - some members join multiple communities and attend multiple city events on a regular basis. We are focused primarily on key startup cities. If you'd like to sponsor a particular city or a series of events in multiple cities, consider sponsoring us and increasing awareness of your brand before and/or during those events.

Sponsorship Programs

We're looking for sponsors to propel our growth in targeted ways. We're also looking for suppport for some cities in the areas of venue space, event prizes, and food and beverages. Please contact us to start the discussion and to provide your sponsorship proposal for consideration. We look forward to working with you as a new sponsor.